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  • Black and white marbled concrete filled with a scented soy way. The name listed on the candle is Blackjack with a scent profile of Cardamom, Bamboo, and Chestnut.



    Our Blackjack candle is a unique and mild blend of cardamom, bamboo, and chestnut. We recommend it as an alternate to folks who love the warm subtleness of a good vanilla but are looking for something a bit different.

    The name Blackjack refers to the gold miner’s term for zinc sulphide, a natural form of zinc often encountered while mining. Although many people associate zinc with the color black, in its pure form it is bright white – a duality we have captured in the swirling black and white concrete pattern.

    • Scent profile: cardamom, bamboo, chestnut
    • Size: 8 oz (227g)
    • Burn time: 40+ hours
    • Wax type: 100% USA soy wax
    • Wick type: cotton
    • Custom fragrance blend infused with essential oils
    • Phthalate freeĀ